What types of dental imaging machines do you buy?

If you’re considering selling or trading in your current dental X-ray machine, cone beam system or intraoral, let’s take a look at some of the different types of dental X-ray devices Renew Digital actively purchases as well as some we do not.

Our Focus on X-Rays & Intraoral Scanners

Renew Digital is 100% focused on providing and supporting direct-digital stationary dental extraoral X-ray and cone beam systems as well as intraoral scanners. Narrowing our scope to just these types of dental equipment allows us to deliver higher quality products backed by superior customer service and support that is not diluted by buying or selling other types of used dental equipment.  

The types of dental imaging machines we purchase and sell include: 

Newer Models, Trusted Brands

Our goal is to provide the highest quality used dental X-ray machines, cone beam systems and intraoral scanners that can deliver long life and the best diagnostic-quality images to our customers. For that reason, Renew Digital seeks to purchase newer, more recent dental X-ray models from trusted brands such as Carestream/Kodak, Gendex, i-CAT, Instrumentarium, Kavo, Planmeca, SironaVatech and Medit. By only purchasing and then selling used dental imaging equipment from these leading and reputable manufacturers, Renew Digital can deliver higher quality products with more predictable installation and ongoing service outcomes. In addition, it affords Renew Digital and our customers with easier and broader access to parts and service than with lesser known and less widely distributed brands. 

Installed, Working Systems

Renew Digital only purchases dental imaging systems that are fully operational and in perfect working condition at the time of pick up. We have this policy in place because each X-ray machine and intraoral scanner is fully inspected and tested by a Renew Digital technician at the time of removal to ensure it meets manufacturer specifications and stringent Renew Digital criterion for quality.  

Be sure to keep this in mind if you are considering selling your X-ray machine to Renew Digital. You will need to allow enough time (at least one full business day) before your new X-ray or cone beam system is installed for a Renew Digital technician to arrive to your office and inspect and test the X-ray unit. Your purchase can be voided or negatively impacted if the machine is already taken down or the X-ray computer is no longer accessible at the time of scheduled removal and pickup. 

What We Don't Buy

We often receive many questions from sellers about purchasing other types of dental and medical equipment, so we thought it might help if we clarified the types of devices that we do not purchase. Since we only focus on newer model, fully operational direct-digital stationary dental X-ray and cone beam machines from select manufacturers, Renew Digital does not purchase the following: 

  • Direct-digital extraoral X-rays or cone beam models not currently listed on our website
  • Older direct-digital or obsolete extraoral X-ray units and models
  • Intraoral X-ray mounted systems
  • Intraoral X-rays
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Analog (film) or phosphor X-ray systems of any kind
  • Hand-held or portable X-ray units
  • X-ray parts and components
  • Dental chairs or dental office furniture
  • Non-functional extraoral X-ray units
  • Medical X-ray units or any medical equipment
  • Other dental equipment and devices

Contact Us

If you are looking to upgrade to a newer X-ray, cone beam machine or intraoral scanner consider purchasing a certified pre-owned system from Renew Digital and trading in your existing unit. If you’re already working with a new dental equipment dealer or wish to sell your X-ray machine or intraoral scanner to us directly in the event of a practice change, please reach out to us. Call Renew Digital or contact us online to learn more or to get a free equipment valuation today.

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