What do I do with my old film or phosphor plate X-ray?

As technology advances, dental practices are often faced with the burden of disposing of older used dental equipment as it is replaced with newer direct digital dental panoramic, cephalometric or cone beam systems. Many of our practices ask us what can be done with their outdated film or phosphor plate extraoral dental X-ray machines and related processors and scanners. Here are a few tips that may help.

Sell It

You can certainly attempt to sell your old film or phosphor plate dental X-ray equipment and accessories to a used equipment dealer or another dental practice via word of mouth, eBay and other channels. However, you will likely find that most used dental X-ray equipment vendors will not purchase film or phosphor plate systems because they are obsolete and impossible to resell. Likewise, it’s difficult to find an active practicing dental professional that wants to purchase them either.

Donate It

If you can’t sell it, you can try to donate it. Renew Digital often refers dental professionals to charitable organizations such as Partners in Health or Project Cure that sometimes accept donations of high-quality, used dental equipment that is still in good condition. You can also contact your regional or state dental association for other local organizations in need. Be sure to consult with your tax advisor for possible tax incentives when donating your used dental equipment. 

Recycle It

If you are having trouble selling or donating your film or phosphor plate dental X-ray machine, processors and accessories, you may have no choice but to dispose of it. Because dental X-ray machines are federally regulated medical devices, there are some important things to keep in mind as part of the recycling process.

Used dental X-ray equipment should always be removed by certified and state-registered X-ray machine service providers to help ensure safety and regulatory compliance throughout the process. Removing and disposing of X-ray equipment can be dangerous. For example, the technician must remove the X-ray tube head before disposal since it contains lead, beryllium, and toxic oils. If the tube head breaks during removal, it could splinter, causing both injury and contamination. 

Properly recycling a dental X-ray machine is just as important as carefully removing it. Be sure to consult with your local government for equipment disposal regulations and requirements in your area first to ensure compliance with local statutes. Some states may require a “Certificate of Destruction” from the recycling center as proof of proper disposal. Make sure you understand all state requirements before recycling any used dental equipment. 

Report It

Whether your sell, donate or recycle your film or phosphor plate dental X-ray machine, be sure to notify your state X-ray regulatory authority using the proper forms and protocols. Most states require that you report any transferred, removed or disposed dental X-ray devices that you no longer own or use so they may remove it from your practice registration and discontinue its use.

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