Will you take my existing X-ray or CBCT as a trade-in?

Renew Digital will often accept an existing pre-owned dental X-ray or dental cone beam system as a trade-in when a customer wishes to upgrade to newer panoramic, cephalometric, or CBCT equipment with us. The trade-in value is typically deducted from the total purchase price, making your investment even more affordable.  

Before Renew Digital can accept a dental X-ray machine for trade-in and provide a trade-in offer, your Sales Representative will first collect some information about your existing unit. 

Determining Eligibility

First, your Sales Representative will need to know the manufacturer, model and age (i.e. year of manufacture) of the unit you wish to trade in.  Renew Digital only purchases recent direct-digital models from leading manufacturers including Carestream/Kodak, Gendex, i-CAT, Instrumentarium, Kavo Kerr, Planmeca, Sirona, and Vatech. All of this information can generally be found on the main serial plate of your X-ray. If your Sales Representative determines that your dental imaging equipment is a model that we currently purchase, then they may ask about its condition and maintenance and/or service history. Renew Digital typically only purchases quality dental imaging equipment that has been well-maintained and is in perfect working order at pick-up.

Providing a Trade-In Value

If the unit is a model that we buy, is in perfect working condition, and has been well-maintained, then your Sales Representative will request additional information about the X-ray or CBCT system in order to provide a trade-in value.

Several factors help determine the value of a used dental X-ray machine, including age (by determining year of manufacture), use (by verifying exposure count, if applicable), physical condition (by evaluating cosmetic flaws), and included features (such as bitewings).Your Sales Representative may ask you to send photos of your dental imaging equipment from several angles, pictures of the unit’s serial plates, sample clinical images (with PHI removed, of course) and other important product information so they can provide the most accurate valuation.

Once they have received and evaluated all of these details, your Sales Representative will provide you with a trade-in offer. If you accept the trade-in price, they will send a Purchase Agreement for you to sign, and then will deduct the value of your equipment from the total price listed on your new Sales Agreement.

Trade-In Process

Once the Purchase and Sales Agreements are signed and accepted, then you will be assigned to our Project Coordinator team. This group of experts will work with you every step of the way to manage the collection process. Based on the equipment you're trading in, they will either coordinate removal of your existing X-ray machine, so we can begin the installation or shipment process for your “new” dental equipment. Your dedicated Project Coordinator team will take care of every detail from start to finish so you can focus on what matters most – caring for your patients.

If you wish to upgrade to newer digital 2D panoramic or cephalometric X-ray or are ready to make the move to dental cone beam, but you are concerned about what do with your existing X-ray machine, the Renew Digital trade-in program may be exactly what you are looking for. 

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