Quality, Affordable Cone Beam Dental Imaging Equipment for Sleep Medicine

High quality cone beam dental imaging equipment has become a necessity for sleep medicine specialties. Purchasing from Renew Digital means you not only get the best equipment, you also get it at a price point you can manage. All of our equipment comes certified pre-owned with complementary installation, training, and expert customer support, so you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice. Need more proof? Read these testimonials from our customers.

Cone Beam for Dental Sleep Medicine: The Key to Patient Understanding

Renew Digital makes it possible for dental sleep practitioners to add certified pre-owned cone beam dental imaging equipment to their practices more affordably, while significantly enhancing their patient communication and treatment acceptance. Dr. Melody Barron, founder and director of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Memphis in Lakeland, TN, shares how cone beam is a critical component of her patient care.

“I have been using cone beam for 10 years. In my practice, which focuses predominantly on sleep and TMJ therapies, cone beam is a ‘must have,”’ explains Dr. Barron. “In fact, any sleep or TMJ practitioner not using cone beam dental technology is not really treating it. When they can see their condition in three dimensions, patients have an immediate understanding of the problem, especially relative to the nasal airway. Unless you’re treating the airway, it doesn’t matter what you put in the patient’s mouth — it won’t correct the problem,” continues Dr. Barron. “Cone beam makes it possible to see everything and explain anything. I can’t imagine thinking in two dimensions anymore,” she says.

“When considering cone beam dental technology for my new practice, I had many choices,” says Dr. Barron. “I didn’t necessarily want a new cone beam dental system. I wanted something stable and reliable, not a model so new that not all of the bugs were worked out.” She continues, “With Renew Digital, I got a newer cone beam dental system with the latest 3D imaging software at an amazing price, all backed by first-class service and support. In fact, after working with the Renew Digital team, I now know what ‘turnkey’ means. The cone beam unit arrived in perfect condition, the installation process was effortless from start to finish, and technical support has been extremely responsive and helpful.”

Dr. Barron advises, “Buying a pre-owned cone beam dental system from Renew Digital is a ‘no brainer’. Their affordable pricing, high quality systems, and exceptional service make it possible for dental sleep practitioners and other dental professionals to obtain the tools they need to provide optimum patient care.”

Cone Beam for Dental Sleep Medicine: Now an Affordable Reality

Thanks to used imaging distributors such as Renew Digital, in-office cone beam dental imaging is now an affordable reality for specialty practices like never before. Dr. Craig Pettengill from San Jose, CA, discusses how the addition of cost-effective certified pre-owned CBCT has revolutionized his dental sleep practice.

“When conducting my research for cone beam dental systems, I found that the only significant difference in newer cone beam technology was shorter scan times. You still get the latest software with your system. With my used i-CAT cone beam, the scans are still quicker than some digital panoramic X-ray systems and I get all of the software tools I need to make a faster and more confident diagnosis,” comments Dr. Pettengill.

Dr. Pettengill continues, “Not only can I use my cone beam dental system for sleep apnea applications, but I also apply it to TMD and facial pain cases. My ability to treat and diagnose conditions quickly — without the need of sending a patient to an imaging center — has elevated my practice to another level. By having the image I need at the time of the patient’s first appointment, I can save time and continue my thought process in making a diagnosis.

“Staff training was also an important consideration when implementing 3D technology.” stresses Dr. Pettingill. “I personally do not have the time in a normal day to scan the patient and manipulate the software and/or send the imaging to radiologists to read the image or to surgeons for implant placement. The Renew Digital team trained our staff to take care of those tasks so I can stay focused on my patients.

“Renew Digital made it possible to implement cone beam in my practice much more affordably,” says Dr. Pettengill. “I was able to pay less than half the price of a new system and got the latest in cone beam dental software technology. Plus, the unit came with a comprehensive warranty and outstanding service, training, and support for complete piece of mind. I cannot continue to practice without it.”

Cone Beam for Dental Sleep Medicine: A Diagnostic Necessity

Dr. David Shirazi, managing doctor of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centres of Conejo Valley and Los Angeles, shares how certified pre-owned i-CAT cone beam dental imaging has revolutionized his practice and enhanced patient care.

“When treating children,” Dr. Shirazi explains, “it is incredibly important to visualize their breathing in relation to their tonsils and adenoids as well as their nasal breathing. Traditional 2D imaging and visual examinations do not provide this information as sticking out the tongue and swallowing raises or obstructs the tonsils. Three-dimensional imaging provides an accurate visualization of tonsils and adenoids in their natural position. When performing functional orthodontics, the i-CAT is extremely useful in measuring orthopedic expansion versus tipping or orthodontic expansion via passive self-ligation."

Dr. Shirazi continues, “When treating adults, it is important to fully understand their nasal breathing and jaw position. Sleep apnea treatment cannot be completely successful if nasal passages are not observed to be patent, or if the health of the jaw joints is not considered. 3D imaging provides an unparalleled view of patient anatomy for the most comprehensive diagnoses.

“The i-CAT is unrivaled when supporting TMJ and sleep specialties,” adds Dr. Shirazi. “The field of view provides the broadest perspective of patient anatomy and the software is intuitive, easy to use, and burn onto a disk relatively quickly as compared to other 3D reconstruction software. It has been such a valuable addition to my practice that I could not practice without it.

“I chose Renew Digital when purchasing my certified pre-owned i-CAT for a few reasons,” says Dr. Shirazi. “Several colleagues recommended Renew Digital as a trusted imaging partner; Renew Digital took my previous i-CAT as a trade-in which gave me relief in knowing that the next person using it will have it certified as well; and I received exceptional service and support, along with a comprehensive warranty.”

About Renew Digital

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