Where Does Your Used Dental Equipment Come From

At Renew Digital, we specialize in buying and selling previously owned extraoral dental X-ray equipment and intraoral scanners. As a dental professional, buying refurbished equipment means a significant savings over new dental imaging devices, and it offers key environmental benefits by keeping old equipment out of landfills. If you're curious about where we get our pre-owned digital dental X-ray equipment and intraoral scanners, here's a closer look at our process. 

Digital Dental X-Ray Equipment from Dental Clinics Like Yours

We purchase quality pre-owned newer dental extraoral X-ray equipment from dental and dental specialty practices just like yours and we acquire the used dental equipment in several different ways. Often, new dental equipment dealers will contact us to purchase a practice’s current X-ray or intraoral scanner to trade towards a new panoramic, cephalometric, or cone beam system, or a newer model scanner. Sometimes, practitioners contact us directly to buy their used dental equipment if they are retiring or closing a practice. And, some practices purchasing equipment from Renew Digital will even trade-in their current devices as part of their Renew Digital purchase. 

Leading Models from Trusted Brands

Regardless of the source, Renew Digital only purchases leading direct digital extraoral X-ray and intraoral scanner models from trusted, reputable manufacturers. We are committed to the success of each and every one of our customers. For that reason, we only select the best equipment from top-notch brands to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction. We choose our equipment carefully for your complete peace of mind.

Stress-Free Removal Process

We understand that upgrading technology can be stressful, so Renew Digital makes removing X-rays as easy as possible. Once the doctor signs a Purchase Agreement, one of our dedicated Project Coordinators springs into action. They contact the practice, collect some information about the X-ray and its environment, then they work directly with the practice or new equipment vendor to schedule the pick up at least one day prior to the installation of a new X-ray or prior to a practice close.

During removal, our technician will test the X-ray or cone beam unit against manufacturer’s specifications. Once we make sure the X-ray is in full working order and we have it disassembled and loaded up for transport, we provide immediate payment for the equipment to either the new equipment vendor or to the doctor directly, whichever you prefer.

Certified to Manufacturer’s Specs

All of our inspected pre-owned digital dental X-ray and CBCT equipment comes complete with a comprehensive full replacement parts and onsite labor warranty. Because all of our previously owned machines are certified to meet manufacturer’s specifications for high quality and long life, we stand behind every X-ray or cone beam system that we sell. Safety is, of course, the number one concern for any dentist, and as a result, it's one of our top concerns as well. We want your staff and your patients out of harm’s way. All equipment is inspected for safety to meet critical healthcare standards.

No Finger-Pointing

From testing and purchasing to installing the equipment, we use our own employees from start to finish. This allows us to ensure our high standards are met throughout the entire process. You never have to worry about dealing with subcontractors who don't understand our commitment to excellence or want to point fingers or assign blame. 

Perfect Working Condition at Installation

All of our equipment is in perfect working condition at the time of installation, where it undergoes comprehensive calibration and re-testing against the manufacturer’s specifications and our own stringent requirements. Our well-trained professional installers can assure you everything is installed properly, and they can answer any questions about the equipment. 

Backed by Expert Service and Support

If you need any help or have any questions about your installed Renew Digital dental X-ray or cone beam system, help is just a call or email away. Our certified support team is on standby to answer any questions and get you up and running quickly. Our comprehensive warranty program means we’ve got you covered so you can focus on what matters most – your patients.

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