What Types of Equipment Does Renew Digital Sell?

If your dental or dental specialty practice is in need of digital dental X-ray equipment, you may want to consider high-quality used X-ray or cone beam machines from Renew Digital. Offering fantastic customer service, installation, repair, maintenance, and a comprehensive warranty plan, Renew Digital strives to give customers the experience they expect when buying new equipment, while still saving you thousands by choosing certified pre-owned. Here's a look at the type of equipment we offer. 

Panoramic Digital X-Ray Equipment

Renew Digital has many different brands of panoramic digital X-ray machines from leading manufacturers, including CarestreamGendexPlanmecaSirona and more. Renew Digital’s experienced sales team can help you decide which model is best for you based on your practice needs. With several price levels and features such as extraoral bitewings or cone beam upgradeability to choose from, our equipment lets you get the quality panoramic X-ray machine you need, while staying within your budget.

Cephalometric Digital X-Ray Equipment

Renew Digital has a wide variety of cephalometric digital dental X-ray systems to meet your orthodontic and craniofacial imaging needs. If you want to save 30- 50% on a cephalometric X-ray machine, consider getting a pre-owned Carestream Dental, SironaPlanmecaSoredex, Gendex, Vatech, or Instrumentarium pan-ceph machine from Renew Digital. All models come complete with installation, training, and a comprehensive warranty. 

Cone-Beam X-Ray Equipment

Whether your practice is ready to upgrade to cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) X-ray or it’s time to add a new CBCT to your practice, Renew Digital has got you covered. 

Certified pre-owned CBCT systems allow you to provide the highest quality of care for your patients more affordably than ever before. Renew Digital offers a wide variety of cone-beam 3D models from Carestream Dental, Gendexi-CAT, Soredex, Sirona, Planmeca, Instrumentarium and Vatech. We even have several combination models that offer 2D panoramic and cephalometric options as well. Our rigorous system of testing and inspection will ensure that your used dental cone beam machine works just as good as a brand new one, but at a significant savings to you.

Newer Digital Machines from Leading Manufacturers

No matter your digital dental X-ray machine needs, Renew Digital provides a wide selection of price points and options on rigorously tested and inspected used X-ray machines from leading manufacturers. We offer many services to make the buying process streamlined and stress-free. You can rest easy knowing that we provide installation, maintenance, repair, and comprehensive warranties. We offer equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers, so you can be assured of getting unbiased advice and information from our qualified Sales Team who are devoted to helping you choose the perfect machine for your office.

Extraoral Dental X-Ray Equipment and Software

Renew Digital only carries the highest quality extraoral dental X-ray equipment and software. We ensure the highest quality processes to ensure the best experience for all our clients. Buying digital dental equipment can be a large expenditure for your office, but our sales team has years of dental imaging equipment experience and strives to ensure that the entire buying process, from the installation to the final training session goes smoothly.

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