What is included in Renew Digital's Warranty?

All of the certified pre-owned dental X-ray machines and dental cone beam systems that Renew Digital offers are backed by Renew Digital’s comprehensive warranty. If you’re wondering what’s covered in the warranty, it’s just about everything. Take a look at what’s included!

Unlimited Telephone and Remote Support

It’s easy to take advantage of your Renew Digital Warranty. If you ever experience an issue or have a question about your dental X-ray machine or dental cone beam system, simply contact Renew Digital Support at 888-246-5611, and select option 3 from the menu. One of our expert Support Team members will work with you or your staff to troubleshoot the problem(s) with your dental equipment over the phone and/or dial into your system using safe, secure remote access. Most of the time, Renew Digital Support can resolve the issue remotely with no need for onsite service or replacement parts. If in the unlikely event they cannot solve the problem remotely, they will work with your team to schedule an onsite technician and provide any replacement parts as needed.

Contact Renew Digital Support First

It’s important that you contact Renew Digital Support first before contacting the dental X-ray machine manufacturer or a third-party service provider on your own. Renew Digital cannot reimburse any customers' onsite service or replacement parts that did not contact Renew Digital Support per the required protocol. 

Onsite Service

If Renew Digital Support determines that onsite service is required to repair your dental X-ray machine, they will ask your dental staff for the days and times your practice is open and available to schedule service. They will work with our own team of regionally based Renew Digital service technicians or our wide network of service partners to schedule the first available technician. Having access to a variety of onsite service options can often mean faster onsite repair times. If replacement parts are needed, Renew Digital Support will likely ship them in advance of your scheduled onsite service to minimize practice downtime. 

Renew Digital Support will communicate directly with the onsite technician on your behalf, so they are fully aware of the steps taken to diagnose the problem and the next steps they need to take to resolve it. That way the technician doesn’t have to start all over again and can get you up and running more efficiently. Renew Digital takes care of the entire technician dispatch and communication process so you can focus on your patients and your practice. And, you will never receive an invoice for the repair.

Replacement Parts

If your dental X-ray machine or cone beam system requires replacement parts during the course of the repair, we’ve got you covered.  Renew Digital warranties include all replacement parts, including sensors, electrical boards, tube heads and other very expensive dental X-ray machine components. The warranty also includes free parts shipping. Once parts are replaced, they will be covered like all other components under your original warranty, so you never have to worry. Once again, these parts are completely covered, so you will never be invoiced.

Warranty Term Length

The length of our dental equipment warranties can vary between manufacturer (i.e. brand), model (i.e. unit) and modality (i.e. panoramic, cephalometric, or cone beam). Your Sales Representative can discuss the included warranty term for your dental X-ray machine(s) of interest. The warranty term will be included on the Sales Agreement you sign when you purchase your used dental equipment as well as on the Renew Digital Protection Plan documentation you are provided after installation. And, yes, warranties can often be extended past the original term. 

Contact Us

If you have not yet purchased a used dental X-ray machine from Renew Digital, call our Sales Team at 888-246-5611, and select option 1, or reach out via our contact form to learn more about all of our available used dental equipment and associated warranties.  If you’re already a customer and need some assistance with your dental X-ray machine or dental cone beam system, call Renew Digital Support at 888-246-5611, and select option 3, or visit our online Support page. We’re ready to help!

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