What happens when my warranty expires?

All Renew Digital used dental X-ray machines include a comprehensive warranty featuring remote support, onsite service and replacement parts for the term of the original contract. Many customers ask us what happens after their original Renew Digital warranty expires, so we’ve listed several options below.

Extended Warranty Options

Renew Digital offers an Extended Warranty Program for select products within its equipment portfolio for added peace of mind. If your product is eligible for a Renew Digital Extended Warranty, one of our warranty specialists will contact you prior to your original warranty expiration date to discuss options and pricing. 

Extended Warranty Inclusions

Extended Warranty plans from Renew Digital are a continuation of the original warranty and have the same inclusions.

  • Unlimited telephone and remote support through our expert Renew Digital Support team
  • Onsite service by certified technicians within our wide service provider network
  • Replacement parts with free shipping

Extended Warranty Terms and Payment Options

Renew Digital Extended Warranties are established for a minimum one-year term. After that, they are auto-renewed on a month-to-month basis. At that point, you may cancel the Extended Warranty at any time with a 30-day written notice. The exception to this rule is annual pre-paid Extended Warranties. In those cases, the warranty will auto-renew for another year term at the annual Extended Warranty renewal date. After the first year, annual Extended Warranties may be cancelled at any time with a 30-day written notice prior to the next annual expiration date. 

Renew Digital’s convenient online portal and automated recurring billing service means you’ll never forget to make an Extended Warranty payment and risk loss of coverage. Although most customers choose to pay their Extended Warranty invoices online through the automated system, mailed checks will be accepted under certain circumstances. 

Getting Support under Extended Warranty

If your dental X-ray machine or cone beam system is covered by a Renew Digital Extended Warranty, you simply follow the same process to obtain support as when your X-ray machine was first installed. Simply contact Renew Digital Support any time you experience an issue or have a question about your X-ray or dental cone beam. Our Support team will troubleshoot the issue over the phone, or they may dial into your X-ray computer remotely to try to fix the problem. If onsite service is required, Renew Digital Support will schedule the technician and ship any necessary replacement parts free of charge. They take care of the entire process and communicate regularly with you and your staff, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

It’s critical that you contact Renew Digital Support first before scheduling onsite service or ordering parts for your dental X-ray machine or cone beam system when it is covered under an Extended Warranty. Unfortunately, Renew Digital cannot reimburse covered customers for service or parts that were not first authorized by Renew Digital. 

Extended Warranty Options After Expiration

Some Renew Digital customers may initially opt out of an Extended Warranty, but then decide to enroll later on. That is not a problem at all. If you wish to sign up for a Renew Digital Extended Warranty following a lapse in coverage, Renew Digital Support must first re-certify your dental X-ray machine or cone beam system before it can be covered. During the re-certification process, Renew Digital Support will remotely access your X-ray's computer to evaluate service and error logs, review system settings and inspect recent patient images to ensure the X-ray machine is in perfect working order prior to approving coverage. Once it is approved, we’ll get you enrolled into the Extended Warranty program.

Per Call Support

Once their original warranties have expired, some customers may choose not to sign up for an Extended Warranty. Instead, they may prefer to pay for Renew Digital Support services on a Per Call basis whenever they experience a problem or have a question. If your warranty has expired and you need some help with your dental X-ray machine, contact Renew Digital Support to determine if Per Call support is a good option for you. If so, you just pay a low hourly rate via credit card and we’ll work with you and your team via phone or remote access to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue. We can either fix the problem remotely or if that is not possible, advise whether or not you need onsite service and/or replacement parts at that time. 

Local Dealer Support

Some Renew Digital customers have great relationships with their local dealers or distributors and prefer to use their services directly after their original warranty expires. Renew Digital is committed to our customers’ ongoing satisfaction and want them to have the best service possible, whatever the source.  

Contact Us

For more information about the Renew Digital Extended Warranty program, please contact Renew Digital Support at 888-246-5611, and select option 3, or visit our Support page.

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