What are the Benefits of Buying Used X-ray, CBCT or Intraoral Scanners?

One of the questions we often hear from prospective customers is "what are the benefits of used dental X-ray, CBCT or intraoral scanners?" There are a host of benefits. Here's a look at some of the main advantages enjoyed by our customers.

Financial Savings

When you purchase used dental imaging equipment, you save 30 to 50% off the price of new equipment. That means you can give your patients the benefits of cone beam, 3D imaging, intraoral scanning and other cutting edge technology without harming your budget. Then, you can spend the money you saved on other equipment needs, expanding your marketing, or covering other costs, or you can simply save the funds until you need them. With lower initial costs, you get a faster return on your investment. 

Latest Imaging Software

The used dental imaging equipment we sell comes installed with the latest imaging software. You get all the benefits and features of the latest software, but again, you get that at a reduced price compared to the cost of buying new equipment. 

Consistency Between Clinics

Many of our customers have more than one location, and they want the exact same equipment in all of their clinics. When you buy used dental imaging equipment, you can usually find equipment that is the same model and age as your current equipment. When you have that level of consistency between all your clinics, your employees can easily move from location to location, without worrying about the learning curve associated with having different equipment in every office. 

Less New Product Issues

Sometimes, when new equipment comes out, it is introduced with bugs and kinks that aren’t quite worked out. Over time, the manufacturers address these glitches by releasing new software updates or redesigning some of the hardware. With used dental imaging equipment, you can rest assured that you don't have any of the issues associated with newly released equipment. Surprisingly, used dental imaging equipment often tends to be more stable than new equipment. 

Environmental Benefits

Beyond the issues that you receive directly, you also get to enjoy environmental benefits. By buying used dental imaging equipment, you keep old equipment out of the landfill, which prevents heavy metals such as lead from leaching into waterways. At the same time, you avoid the environmental burden associated with sourcing new materials for new equipment.

Warranty and Support

If you simply buy a used dental X-ray from a dentist down the road or in the next town over, you have no reassurance. If that equipment stops working, you're stuck with repair or parts replacement costs. In contrast, when you buy from Renew Digital, your certified pre-owned X-ray machine includes a comprehensive parts and onsite warranty and unlimited phone and remote technical support. We want you to have complete peace of mind with your used dental equipment.

Tax Deductions

Usually, when you buy capital assets such as X-ray machines for your business, you have to deduct their cost slowly over time as they depreciate. The Section 179 deduction lets you write off the entire cost of your equipment in the year of purchase, and sometimes, based on latest tax regulations, you can also claim the bonus depreciation amount on used equipment.

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