What Happens After I Purchase an X-ray or Cone Beam System from Renew Digital?

As a dental professional, your equipment is an essential part of your ability to care properly for your patients. It can help to know what to expect before and after purchase on critical large capital purchases, such as dental X-ray machines and cone beam systems.

Before the Purchase

When you work with Renew Digital, you can count on excellent end-to-end support and service. You will collaborate with your sales representative to find the best product for your budget and needs. Once you decide on the perfect unit for your practice, the sales rep will send you a Sales Agreement to sign.

Once you have signed your Sales Agreement and paid your 50% deposit, your practice will be assigned a dedicated Project Coordinator, who will manage your account and assist you with the entire X-ray or cone beam equipment installation process from start to finish.

Project Management

The next phase is the management of the delivery, installation, and use of your X-ray or cone beam equipment.

You’ll be asked to complete a brief survey, which will help your Project Manager understand your equipment space, including building type, space dimensions, construction materials, electrical outlets, cabling, networking, installed shielding, and more. From here they can advise you on the likely timeframe for installation (which usually falls into the 4–6-week range, depending on location, other office construction, etc.).

We take a comprehensive approach to integrate your new equipment into your office space by requesting photos of the space and using AutoCAD software to help you visualize the X-ray or cone beam system within your office environment. Also, this helps to identify power and network locations for use and viewing of equipment.

Note: if your office is currently under construction, we work with your contractor to ensure that the configuration makes sense with your equipment plan. We are well versed in safety standards and state regulations and can assist you with filling out the required paperwork.

Your Project Manager will work proactively with you to make sure that the delivery and installation of your dental X-ray or cone beam equipment works around your schedule and timeline.


When it comes time to install the equipment, a Renew Digital technician will arrive on site to receive the delivery and proceed with your installation. Renew Digital techs are trained and certified in complete X-ray installation and repair in every required state. You can have total peace of mind that they will adhere to state-required code and installation protocols.

During installation, they will calibrate the X-ray in addition to conducting tests for high-quality images and state compliance. Once the installation is done, they will support you and your staff with training on patient positioning and acquiring X-rays.

Watch the video below to see how our install technicians get you up and running quickly!


Your support doesn’t end after the installation is complete. Your Project Manager will touch base to ensure that you are satisfied with your new X-ray or cone beam system. They will complete and file required state and FDA paperwork. They will also prompt you to fill out any other required paperwork, depending on your state.

You’ll also receive contact information for Renew Digital Support so that you’ll be able to reach out for help when you need it. An entire team of Renew Digital Support technicians is just a phone call or email away. They can even provide remote support, providing safe, real time access to your X-ray or cone beam system for more efficient service.

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