How do I sell my X-ray to Renew Digital?

Selling a dental X-ray machine or cone beam system to Renew Digital is easy and requires just a few simple steps. Here’s a quick look at the process. 

Send Information

Renew Digital buys select, newer pre-owned direct-digital extraoral X-ray and cone beam models that are in perfect working order at the time of pick up. Take a look at our website for X-ray models Renew Digital commonly purchases.

Before Renew Digital can make an offer, we need to collect some information from you in order to determine the dental X-ray machine’s value. Our buyer will request the following information in order to provide an accurate valuation.

  • Manufacturer name
  • Model name
  • Manufacture date
  • Exposure count
  • Recent sample clinical patient images (with PHI removed, of course)
  • Photos of serial plate(s)
  • Photos of the machine from several angles

Receive an Offer

If Renew Digital is interested in purchasing your dental X-ray machine or dental cone beam system, our buyer will send you an offer via email. The purchase price can depend on several factors including the unit’s age, condition, included features and exposure count. Other factors such as Renew Digital’s current inventory level and market demand can also affect the value of a used dental X-ray machine or cone beam unit. 

If you accept our buyer’s offer, then our purchasing team will provide you with a formal Purchase Agreement for your review and signature. It is important to note on this agreement to whom you would like funds sent for the purchase of the dental X-ray machine. For example, Renew Digital can provide payment directly to the practice or to the new equipment dealer, whichever you prefer. Once you return the signed Purchase Agreement back to Renew Digital, then your pickup will be assigned to a special Project Coordinator that is specially trained to manage X-ray equipment removals.

Schedule Pick Up

Once they receive the signed Purchase Agreement from the buyer, the Project Coordinator will reach out to either you and/or your new equipment dealer to coordinate the pickup to coincide with the installation of your new dental X-ray or cone beam system, if applicable. They will send you additional documentation to complete regarding the physical location of the X-ray, such as the removal address, best practice contact, practice layout, and which days and times your office is open. They may also ask you to verify any additional dental X-ray machine features and confirm details about its service history.

Once you, the new equipment vendor (if applicable), and the Project Coordinator have determined the ideal pick-up date and time, it’s time to prepare for the arrival of the Renew Digital Removal Technician. Your Project Coordinator will send you detailed instructions of what to expect during the removal and is always available to answer any questions. 

Inspection and Removal

A certified Renew Digital technician will arrive at your office on the agreed upon date and time. Upon his arrival, he will begin to test the dental X-ray machine. It is important that both the X-ray and related computer be fully operational at this time so that the technician may thoroughly test the unit. If the X-ray is not functional or the PC is not available for testing, then he will contact the Renew Digital buyer to discuss next steps, which could include cancellation of the purchase or delayed payment until the unit can be properly tested.

As he is inspecting and testing the X-ray machine, the Renew Digital technician will work through a detailed checklist to ensure the unit is in perfect working order and is free from cosmetic damage or flaws. He may ask to view some recent patient images so that he can assess image quality. He will also take several photos of the X-ray machine and its various components throughout the removal process for documentation purposes.

Receive Payment

Once the technician has completed the inspection and approved the X-ray machine purchase, either the Renew Digital technician or the Renew Digital accounting team will immediately provide payment for the X-ray to the practice or equipment dealer as listed on the Purchase Agreement. If the unit does not pass inspection, then the Renew Digital technician will contact the buyer to discuss next steps, which again could include cancellation of the purchase or a significant payment reduction.

The Renew Digital technician will then dismantle the dental X-ray machine and remove it from your practice. 

Contact Us

If you have questions about selling your dental X-ray machine or cone beam system or would like to receive a free valuation, please call us or visit our reach out online today.

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