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Why Used Dental Equipment is a Good Choice for New and Established Practices


You need state-of-the art equipment to remain competitive in today’s dental market. If investing in updated dental imaging technology isn’t currently part of your budget, using one of the three creative purchasing techniques below can help you obtain the equipment sooner than you would have otherwise.

IRS Section 179 Deduction

When you claim this deduction, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you to deduct the full purchase, lease, or finance price for equipment and software at the time of purchase instead of allowing it to depreciate over time. It must fall within the limits listed under Section 179 and you must begin using the equipment the same year you take the deduction. The deduction is available for both new and refurbished dental equipment.

Trade-in Existing Equipment

The equipment you no longer use could be just what another dentist needs to expand his or her practice. By trading in your used dental equipment to Renew Digital, you can recoup some of your initial investment and apply these funds to newer X-ray equipment or the latest in imaging technology. If you are purchasing new dental X-ray equipment from a dealer, Renew Digital can provide you with the trade-in amount immediately in cash after removing your equipment or apply it as a credit towards your new purchase with the dealer. Or, if you wish to purchase a system from Renew Digital, we will apply the amount of the current X-ray trade-in towards your certified pre-owned dental X-ray machine or cone beam system.

The trade-in price you receive depends on several unique factors such as the age, make, model, exposure count, and condition of the X-ray or cone beam equipment. We also consider upgrades, such as bitewing capabilities and other add-ons, such as cephalometric imaging, when determining trade-in value.

Selling your used dental equipment on your own sometimes creates more problems than it resolves. For example, you may receive a unit with missing parts, a warranty you can’t transfer to yourself, or an improper license. You may also discover mishandling of the equipment you just purchased during the removal, shipment, or installation process. This only adds up to more costs later. Working with a professional dental equipment reseller like Renew Digital helps you to avoid these problems in the first place.

Certified Pre-Owned X-Ray Equipment

Purchasing refurbished cone beam or X-ray technology can be an excellent choice, especially when you consider that advancements in these pieces of equipment have slowed down over the past several years. You receive the same benefits when purchasing used dental equipment with a price tag up to 50 percent less than that of new equipment.

Since we offer a wide variety of X-ray and cone beam models and are an independent reseller, Renew Digital can provide unbiased feedback about which dental X-ray machine or cone beam system makes the most sense for your dental practice. Additionally, we can assist you in matching previous generational models between your primary and secondary locations to reduce integration issues with software and the time required to train your staff. Plus, we can help you save even more money by accepting your cone beam or 2D X-ray systems as a trade-in for one of our certified pre-owned units.

Are you ready to utilize one of these strategies to obtain the upgraded dental imaging technology you need to find and retain loyal patients? If so, we are available to help every step of the way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions about the buy, sell, or trade-in process.

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