Why You'll Love Planmeca CBCT

Planmeca CBCT machines are revered the world over as one of the leading names in the dental manufacturing industry. Once you have had the chance to review all the features of a Planmeca CBCT, we are certain that you will love it as much as we do.

Patients Expect Their Dentist to Have the Latest Technology

With the ability to share their experience instantly via online reviews and conduct research before visiting a dentist, today’s patients have more power than ever. Patients probably won’t know the name of Planmeca CBCT equipment. However, they will know that your practice has invested in the best technology available to ensure that they receive a correct diagnosis and prompt treatment of any oral health issues. These are the types of patients who consistently give high ratings at online review sites and refer their friends to the same dentist.

3D Imaging Capability

Both dentists and patients love this feature. For dentists, the ability to view the structure of a patient’s teeth and jaws in three dimensions makes it easier for them to understand exactly what is happening with the patient. The images, available immediately, also impress patients and help them have greater insight into diagnosis and treatment options.


Established in Helsinki, Finland, in 1971, Planmeca has a presence in 120 countries today. The company has thousands of employees and has earned the reputation of a global leader in healthcare technology. It is the largest privately-held company that manufactures professional dental equipment in the world. Dentists from many countries know they can trust the company that manufactures Planmeca CBCT, 2D, 3D, and the software solutions that accompany them.

Meets the Needs of a Multi-Disciplinary Practice

From movement artifact correction to low dose imaging to cephalometric imaging and scanning, Planmeca CBCT equipment is a must-have for dentists who work among several specialties. One appointment may require basic imaging to create initial patient records, while the next is an endodontic patient for whom you need detailed images for treatment planning purposes. With refurbished Planmeca CBCT equipment, you can move from one patient to the next with ease knowing you can attend to all their unique clinical needs.

Efficient and Easy to Use

Planmeca CBCT equipment is sleek and modern while also offering ease of operation. Its easy-to-use, pre-programmed interface enables you and your staff to select the mode you need without making the patient wait for you to switch functions. They are also comfortable for patients since you can complete most image programming with them standing up if they are physically able to. For those with mobility challenges, you can lower the arm of the equipment as much or as little as necessary.

A Morale Boost for Your Dental Team

Your entire staff will appreciate the chance to work with the latest in dental imaging technology. It makes them feel good knowing they have the equipment they need to serve the needs of patients. To learn more about purchasing Planmeca CBCT equipment for your dental practice, contact us at Renew Digital today.

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