Properly Maintaining Your Dental X-Ray Machine

There’s more to providing great patient care than just having high-quality dental equipment in your office. You must also take the time to care for and maintain your equipment. By remaining proactive about dental X-ray machine maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs that also limit your ability to diagnose or complete dental treatment for your patients. What does it take to keep your equipment in top working order? Take a look below.

Safety is Always the #1 Priority

Keeping your dental X-ray machine in top working order is vital in order to produce the best images. Even small things like smudges, cracks, and dust can diminish the diagnostic quality of images.

Proper image control settings such as brightness and contrast allow for more accurate diagnoses. Train your staff on how to check magnification, resolution, gray levels, and contrast.

Follow manufacturer's guidelines for appropriate barrier and disinfection/sterilization procedures specifically for panoramic dental X-ray machines and their components. Not all chemicals are safe for these machines and can corrode X-ray parts and surfaces.

Radiation will always be a concern for your staff and patients. Although dental extraoral X-ray radiation exposure is minimal compared to medical imaging devices, it is still best practice to minimize exposure whenever possible. Always make sure patients are wearing lead aprons when receiving X-rays. Also make sure that your staff is supplied with Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Badges (TDLs) to monitor radiation levels and that they stand behind protective barriers or at least 6 feet away from the radiation beam when capturing images. Be sure to follow all state guidelines for X-ray safety for both patients and team members alike!

Be Aware of Risks

To maintain safety for your patients, develop a regular maintenance routine for your dental X-ray machine. Hardware should be calibrated and serviced on a consistent basis for quality assurance and quality control. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when performing any maintenance tasks.

Any staff members that use the X-ray equipment should be trained to perform routine checks, typically both before and after use of the machine. It’s easiest to provide a list of instructions for what to inspect, as well as how to report any issues. If you do detect a problem, you can contact the manufacturer or dealer for service. Avoid using the machine until the issue has been addressed by professional staff and cleared for use.

5 Star Service from Renew Digital

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