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Why a General Dentist Can Benefit from a Certified Pre-Owned Planmeca CBCT


When your practice doesn’t have its own three-dimensional (3D) imaging system, you must refer patients to other providers to obtain the information you need for diagnosing and treating your patients. This means your practice loses revenue to your referral partner and your patient must go through the inconvenience of scheduling another appointment somewhere else.

It’s also important to consider that the company you refer to represents your dental practice from a patient’s perspective. If the referral company’s employees continually run late, treat your patient in an unfriendly manner, or don’t make it a priority to properly maintain the X-ray equipment, your patient may have second thoughts about following through with the procedure with your dental practice. These are all good reasons to consider investing in an affordable, certified pre-owned Planmeca CBCT machine from Renew Digital.

What is a Planmeca CBCT?

The Planmeca CBCT scanner creates 3D images of the teeth and bones to help dentists plan future procedures. Dentists use it most often to complete implant surgery, but it can aid in the planning and execution of several other types of dental treatment as well. You can expect the highest quality of images with this machine, something that allows for faster and more accurate completion of their dental care.

Benefits of the Planmeca CBCT for General Dentists and Their Patients

Some patients hear the CT part of CBCT and imagine feeling claustrophobic like they might have with medical CT scans in the past. Fortunately, the Planmeca CBCT is completely different. It’s made with open construction, which means nothing closes in on the patient at all. Other benefits include:

  • Ability of the patient to receive CBCT scans and all other exploratory procedures in a single location.
  • The facial imaging and modeling of this unit makes it easier for dentists to plan dental implant surgery and other treatments.
  • The included 3D imaging software and implant planning module helps make planning and placing implants fast and accurate.
  • Planmeca CBCT systems utilize an extremely low dose of radiation. This can help patients with radiation concerns feel more amiable to a CBCT scan.
  • The integrated technology makes for a fast image capture and review.
  • For many general dentists, cost, support, image quality, and ease of use are the most important factors when deciding to upgrade to a Planmeca CBCT. Renew Digital offers extremely reasonable costs for all of their certified pre-owned equipment. Plus, each system includes installation and training as well as ongoing support.

Need More Information Before Committing to a Purchase?

While the Planmeca CBCT scanner offers many exciting benefits, we understand that you may need to address several concerns before buying it. Financing, leaning how to use the equipment, and knowing who to contact for support after a sale are just some common concerns of our clients.

Renew Digital makes Planmeca CBCT more affordable with low prices backed by expert support. That means it’s possible for general dentists to upgrade to 3D imaging faster than they ever could in the past. We invite you to compare several units and then contact us to explore your financing options and any other remaining concerns. You can reach our support staff by calling 888-246-5611 any time before or after purchase for prompt, friendly, and helpful answers. 

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