The Benefits of Planmeca CBCT Technology

Planmeca, as a major dental equipment manufacturer, continuously monitors and invests in dental imaging technology, delivering some of the most intuitive and innovative X-rays in the market. If you are considering investing in new or used imaging equipment, certified pre-owned Planmeca 3D X-ray machines may be a great choice for your dental or dental specialty practice.

SCARA Technology

Planmeca’s patented Selectively Compliant Articulated Robotic Arm (SCARA) technology sets Planmeca X-ray machines apart from other dental X-ray machines in their class. SCARA delivers improved image quality by making precise movements during the standard X-ray rotation, capturing more details of the patient anatomy, resulting in higher quality images.

Low Dose Imaging

Planmeca 3D imaging systems feature an Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol that lowers effective radiation dose by an average of 77 percent – even lower than standard 2D panoramic imaging – without compromising image quality. Ultra Low Dose images can be used to facilitate a wide range of dental exams. With orthodontic applications, Ultra Low Dose technology can help you locate bone present around roots as well as impacted and non-erupted teeth, and pinpoint areas of focus for cephalometric analysis. Ultra Low Dose images can also help you plan routine implant cases and assist with airway studies. Low dose images are also appropriate for post-operative follow-ups after oral surgery.

Ease of Operation

Planmeca 3D equipment is intuitive and easy to use. Your patient stands upright, facing the operator, keeping them calm and relaxed while you capture the images you need. The ergonomic design and convenient side entrance help accommodate patients of all ages and sizes, including those in wheelchairs. Positioning lasers and comfortable head positioners help keep patients stable and prevent movement, reducing the risk of re-takes. Pre-programmed settings for different image types and patient sizes make image set up fast and easy. Planmeca CBCT systems even include reduced volume sizes for pediatric patients to help further reduce radiation exposure.

You can operate Planmeca equipment directly or remotely from a nearby location. The user interface is user-friendly and guides you through the entire process of obtaining patient images.

Variety of Cone Beam Options

Planmeca offers a wide variety of 3D systems to meet the diagnostic and budgetary needs of any dentist or dental specialist. Adjustable field of views available with each system ensures you capture only the regions of interest at the optimal resolution for each exam, reducing unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient. From field of views as small as 4x5 cm to as large as 20x17, Renew Digital will likely have a certified pre-owned Planmeca cone beam system that’s just right for you.

Dedicated Panoramic Imaging

Planmeca imaging systems use the same sensor to capture both traditional 2D panoramic X-ray as well as 3D images, eliminating the need to switch and possibly damage the sensors. The SmartPan feature, available with some Planmeca 3D X-ray systems, creates nine parallel panoramic layers with one autofocus layer and an approximate 2 mm shift. From these layered images, you can then choose the view that best meets your diagnostic requirements. Planmeca 3D systems come complete with a full set of standard panoramic X-ray exams, including lateral TMJ, PA, PA sinus, and pediatric capabilities. Some units can also include optional features, such as vertical and horizontal segmenting, true bitewing, and interproximal panoramic capabilities.

Optional Cephalometric Capabilities

All Planmeca 3D systems can be upgraded to include cephalometric imaging. The digital cephalostat scans the patient’s head horizontally using a narrow beam, minimizing patient radiation. Comfortable head positioners, nasal positioner, and fiber ear posts provide extremely stable positioning, reducing patient movement. Capture a full range of cephalometric exams including lateral, PA, and carpus views. Plus, flexible field sizes up to 30 x 27 cm allow you to capture only the view you need.

Learn More About Planmeca Refurbished Dental Imaging Equipment Today

All of our certified pre-owned Planmeca CBCT units include the technologically-advanced features described above, as well as the superior customer service you receive when you purchase from Renew Digital. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions or to inquire about making a purchase.

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