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The Benefits of Vatech CBCT


Here at Renew Digital, we typically carry the Vatech PaX-I 3D and the PaX Duo 3D certified pre-owned models, but sometimes have other Vatech models in stock. Both are high-quality machines made even better by our low pricing. Have you been considering a Vatech CBCT machine? Here are six top reasons you’re going to be happy with this choice.

Affordable Cone Beam/Panoramic Solution

A Vatech CBCT machine from Renew Digital can save you up to 50% off the cost of new Vatech cone beam systems. You get the same great Vatech quality, but with a lower initial investment. With this option, there’s no need to wait to “save up” for cone beam. The lower price of a certified pre-owned Vatech CBCT means you can start taking cone beam scans now. Best of all, you’ll realize your return on investment sooner while providing better patient care.

Dedicated High-Quality Panoramic

The advanced Vatech panoramic technology provides crystal clear panoramic diagnostic images each and every time. You’ll be able to see enhanced details, especially relative to the anterior teeth and dental roots compared to other dental panoramic systems. These units deliver a wide range of panoramic exams including narrow/normal/wide, child (pediatric), orthogonal, bitewings, TMJ, and sinus.

Medium FOV Cone Beam

Cone beam sizes can differ slightly between each individual model. Your Renew Digital regional sales director can help find the unit that best meets your practice, diagnostics, and budgetary needs.

A Vatech CBCT machine delivers several multi field of view (FOV) sizes ranging from around 5x5 to 12x9 cm, depending on the model.

  • The 5x5 cm view is best for endodontics and single tooth or quadrant imaging/implants.
  • The 8x5 cm view is great for obtaining more information on maxillary or mandibular structures, to view and trace mandibular nerves, and visualize mental foramen or maxillary sinus.
  • The 8x8 cm captures both maxillary and mandibular areas in a single scan. It’s ideal for implant surgery and/or TMJ diagnosis.
  • The 12x9 cm view captures maxillary and mandibular areas including the third molar region in a single scan. It’s ideal for implantology and oral surgery.

You can select the image size based on diagnostic needs, which helps to reduce radiation exposure to the area of interest only.

EzDent/Ez3D Software

All certified pre-owned Vatech CBCT systems come complete with Vatech EzDent and Ez3D imaging software to manage all your 2D and 3D images. Vatech imaging software is well-known for its robust features, yet easy-to-use software interface. In addition to image capture and storage functions, it can assist with diagnosing, planning, and treating implants, TMJ, airway analysis, and more.

Modern and Compact Design

All Vatech CBCT systems are manufactured with a modern, sleek design to enhance your practice’s image. They are streamlined and compact to fit into almost any practice setting.

Service and Support

The low pricing you see on each certified pre-owned Vatech CBCT includes installation, training, and a comprehensive warranty that provides you with unlimited phone/remote support, replacement parts, and onsite service.

Here at Renew Digital we offer several Vatech CBCT models including the PaX-I 3D and the PaX Duo 3D.

Our inventory varies and quantities are limited, but always in high demand. Please call today for the best selection and to reserve your Vatech CBCT system.

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