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Advantages of Planmeca ProMax S3


Dental professionals across the country know they can depend on the Planmeca name to provide them access to the highest level of technology available in digital imaging today. Renew Digital is pleased to market the Planmeca ProMax brand to offer clients quality refurbished digital X-ray equipment. You don’t have to spend more to provide the best possible service to your patients with Planmeca equipment. The line of Planmeca ProMax S3 machines provides immediate access to 3D and 2D images along with several other features.

The company manufactures numerous types of dental equipment for various patient needs. However, the Planmeca ProMax S3 is the model you need when you require multiple images of the patient’s teeth and jaws from different angles all in quick succession. Renew Digital carries three models of Planmeca ProMax S3 for your convenience. These include the Planmeca ProMax S3 Panorex and Ceph, the Planmeca ProMax S3 Panorex – Dimax3, and the Planmeca ProMax S3 Panorex – Dimax4. Below is a quick evaluation of the benefits and differences between each unit.

Planmeca ProMax S3 Panorex

The Planmeca ProMax S3 unit can provide you with up to 30 consecutive images and several modalities in a single unit. Standard panoramic programs include:

Lateral TMJ

PA Double TMJ

PA Rotational Sinus



In addition to the standard X-ray types, you can take advantage of the following optional programs:

  • Bitewings
  • Horizontal segmenting
  • Interproximal angulation
  • Lateral multi-angle TMJ
  • Lateral-PA double TMJ
  • Non-rotational sinus
  • Orthogonal
  • PA multi-angle TMJ

You can easily switch to pediatric mode while using this model to decrease the amount of radiation used on young patients. Although this model produces 2D images, you can upgrade to cone beam 3D if you wish. As you expand your practice, you can even add a cephalometric X-ray attachment for cephalometric views.

Renew Digital offers the Planmeca ProMax S3 Panorex in both a DIMAX 3 or DIMAX 4 sensor. Although the previous DIMAX 3 sensor provides high quality panoramic imaging at a more affordable price, the newer, DIMAX 4 sensor technology can often deliver sharper, clearer images at a slightly higher equipment cost.

Planmeca ProMax S3 Panorex and Ceph

The Selectively Compliant Articulated Robotic Arm (SCARA) technology of this unit enables you to obtain a maximum of 30 digital photos of your patient’s teeth and jaws. Its modalities include cephalometric and panoramic 2D images with the option of upgrading to cone beam imaging at any time.

With Planmeca ProMax S Panorex plus Ceph, you can capture all of the panoramic images available with the Planmeca ProMax S3 Panorex plus standard lateral, PA, and carpal cephalometric options with field sizes up to 30 x 27 cm.

SCARA Technology

All Planmeca ProMax S3 Panorex systems feature SCARA technology. SCARA, or Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm, technology provides flexible movements while capturing panoramic radiographs. This unique feature helps eliminate shadows and other background clutter that can compromise image quality while optimizing each patient’s unique anatomy, for the most precise and anatomically accurate panoramic images.

What You Can Expect from Renew Digital

The price we quote for each piece of Planmeca ProMax S3 equipment includes installation, training, and warranty in addition to the equipment itself. Please let us know if we can answer additional questions or help you compare features on these or any other currently available refurbished dental equipment.

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