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KODAK 9000 3D Panorex + Cone Beam

starting at $39,900

Versatile and easy to use, the affordable all-in-one certified pre-owned Kodak 9000 3D system combines dedicated panoramic and focused field of view dental cone beam images for unparalleled diagnoses. 

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    Kodak 9000 3D delivers fast and accurate panoramic images including: standard, pediatric and segmented, TMJ (2 or 4 views) and maxillary sinus. The adjustable focal trough ensures anatomically correct images each and every time.


    As your practice needs change, add "One-Shot" cephalometrics to Kodak 9000 3D to capture stunning cephalometric images in just over a second. (subject to availability)

  • 3D

    Generate clear axial and sagittal three-dimensional images for root canals and other oral surgeries, or use the cross-sectional template to visualize slice-by-slice distances for the most precise measurements during implant planning. High-resolution images (0.076 mm) provide superior visualization of fine dental structures. Ideal for endodontics and exams requiring a focused field of view.


    Kodak 9000 3D captures focused field of view (5 x 3.75 cm) cone beam 3D images.


    The system's 3D modality utilizes pulsed radiation, minimizing patient dose up to 60%.


    Face-to-face positioning puts patients at ease, facilitating positioning and minimizing risk of movement.


    The system's open design and motorized height adjustment accommodates patients of any size, including those in wheelchairs.


    Take advantage of our financing options.


    Like all Renew Digital products, your purchase includes delivery*, professional installation and training, and a comprehensive warranty.

    *Continental US only.


Panoramic Modality:
Panoramic Bitewings:
Not available
Cephalometric Modality:
Upgradeable (subject to availability)
3D Modality:
3D Field of View (FOV) (H x D):
Standard: 3.75 x 5 cm, Stitched: 9 x 7 x 3.75 cm
3D Min. Voxel Size:
.076 mm
3D Scan Time:
10.8 sec.
3D Reconstruction Time:
10-55 sec.
Min. Space Requirements (W x H x D):
45.5"/115.6 cm (W) x 93.75"/238.1 cm (H) x 62.8"/159.5 cm (D)
Patient Positioning:
Standing, open


  • Dr. Chetan Mehta, Tustin, CA

    by Dr. Chetan Mehta, Tustin, CA – 8th Mar 2013

    “I think your customer service from your first email to the last one was ‘top notch’. The process was effortless and the process much smoother than I could have imagined. Plus, the Renew Digital technician was very good and the install went smoothly.”

  • Danny Ketola, Practice Administrator, Carolinas Oral, Charlotte, NC

    by Danny Ketola, Practice Administrator, Carolinas Oral, Charlotte, NC – 5th Jul 2012

    "Renew Digital purchased three of our Kodak digital pan/ceph X-ray units so we could implement 3D technology at those locations. They showed up on time and were very professional as they removed our old units and wrote us a check on the spot. We were able to apply the payment directly to our new 3D units, streamlining the process and minimizing capital expense. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade to 3D imaging while trying to recoup their investment on their existing digital 2D X-ray systems."

  • Dr. Allie Chang, Cupertino, CA

    by Dr. Allie Chang, Cupertino, CA – 5th Jul 2012

    "I purchased a Kodak panoramic/cephalometric system from Renew Digital late last year and couldn't be happier. Value is extremely important when opening a new practice. Our Kodak X-ray delivers fast, high-quality images at an affordable price, providing an excellent return on investment. Bryan was very easy to reach and knowledgable about the machine and support systems regarding my x-ray unit. And, whenever I need support, Renew Digital is just a call away."

  • Dr. Jay Walker, Anniston, AL

    by Dr. Jay Walker, Anniston, AL – 5th Jul 2012

    “Renew Digital meets a critical need in the dental community by finding quality used machines, and has the expertise to make sure the buyer receives a unit that is installed properly and fully functional. Considering the investment a doctor makes with the purchase of radiographic equipment, this is one circumstance that I am happy to have a 'middle man'."