Why Certified Pre-Owned Planmeca X-Ray Machines Make Sense

Whether you’re a new dental practice just starting out, or you’re trying to keep your financials under control, buying certified pre-owned Planmeca X-ray machines makes sense from both a budget and a quality perspective. You can find these high-quality machines in near-perfect condition at 40-60% off the price of buying new when you shop certified pre-owned with Renew Digital. Why is this such a good idea? Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits.


The Planmeca ProOne panoramic X-ray is an affordable entry point into digital panoramic imaging if you’re looking to make the switch from 2D film X-rays. This unit is simple to use, has a compact design, and is efficient. The Planmeca ProOne X-ray is a perfect choice for general dental practices. For another option, you can also find some earlier generation Planmeca ProMax models that are very affordable as well!


Planmeca ProMax X-ray machines are super versatile and designed to be upgraded as your practice needs change. Upgrade from 2D to 3D, add cephalometric imaging, add advanced imaging features such as extra oral bitewings, change 3D FOV size – you name it. Open architecture and true modular construction allows your practice to upgrade as technology changes so you can always offer the best care to your patients.

Advanced Technology

Planmeca is known for its high-quality, top of the line, dental X-ray equipment. Planmeca ProMax features patented SCARA technology which allows for precise, yet free-flowing arm movements to capture the additional dental anatomy that single rotation devices can miss. This means you’ll see more anatomical details to help you diagnose, treat, and communicate treatment options better than ever before.

High-Quality Images

At the end of the day, regardless of all the bells and whistles on a machine, you just want high quality images so you can properly diagnose and treat your patients. Meet a wide variety of clinical imaging needs with the available programs of Planmeca X-ray machines. You can also minimize the effective patient dose by selecting the correct exposure for your diagnostic purposes. This is ideal for pediatric dentists and orthodontists who routinely work with children and teenagers.


Planmeca X-ray machines are built for long life and reliability. Nothing is worse than your X-ray machine being down and having to reschedule patients. Planmeca systems are built strong enough to stand the test of time no matter what you throw at them. They consistently deliver high quality images each and every time you use them.

Easy to Integrate

Planmeca X-rays offer TWAIN integration for 2D panorex images into almost any practice management or dental imaging software. And, if you prefer Mac over PCs in your practice, Planmeca X-ray machines are one of the true Mac-friendly X-ray systems on the market.

Shop with Renew Digital Today

Why wait? You can add all of the benefits Planmeca X-ray systems have to offer to your practice now. Certified pre-owned Planmeca solutions from Renew Digital mean you get high-quality, thoroughly tested Planmeca systems expertly installed and backed by 5-star Renew Digital customer support for a fraction of the price of buying new. Call us today to check our current availability and make your purchase.

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