Why Buying Used Dental Equipment Makes Sense for the New Dental Grad

Graduating from dental school is certainly something that brings great pride. It took years of hard work, not only in dental school but in your undergraduate studies before that. Now that you’re about to strike out on your own, it’s important to consider how to manage the debt load you incurred while a student and the debt you must take on if you choose to start your own practice.

Purchasing new equipment is one of the biggest sources of debt for new dentists. In fact, dental X-ray equipment is one of the largest single practice investments, ranging from about $30,000 for basic panoramic X-ray units to over $150,000 for more robust dental cone beam systems. While dentists earn a good income, most new graduates just don’t have the money to spend on new equipment. Fortunately, investing in used dental equipment for sale is a viable alternative.

How to Save Money on Dental Equipment

Renew Digital works with a large network of referral partners and individual practitioners to help them sell equipment that they no longer need due to upgrades, retirement, or selling a practice. We think you will agree that purchasing used dental equipment for sale is a smart business decision no matter how long you have been in business. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to save up to 50 percent on necessary tools to help run and manage their business?

Benefits of Investing in Used Dental Equipment for Sale

Many dentists consider only the cost of the equipment when they debate whether to buy new or used. However, it’s important to consider the installation, training, ongoing support, and parts replacement costs as well. At Renew Digital, we include installation, training, and a comprehensive warranty with all of our used dental equipment. Paying a single price for all these services can lower your initial output considerably.

Consider Your Return on Investment

As with any large purchase, taking the time to determine your return on investment is critical. If you choose to buy new equipment, figure out how long you will need to work and how much income you must earn before the equipment has paid for itself. You may find that the answer is far too long. You might even take a loss on new equipment if it becomes obsolete faster than you expected or you end up selling your dental practice. Buying used dental equipment for sale lowers your risk while making it possible to recoup your investment in a shorter time.

Dentistry can be a competitive industry. If another dentist can reduce treatment time, provide a higher quality of patient care, and increase patient comfort with certain modern equipment, your patients may start scheduling their appointments elsewhere. It’s always important to consider how a specific piece of dental equipment will help your practice grow before investing in it. If you do follow through with the purchase, marketing the efficiency and improved comfort it offers can be great marketing points.

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Renew Digital, a company started by colleagues and recognized leaders in the dental industry, helps to serve a previously unfilled need of making equipment purchases more affordable for dentists. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the process or the equipment we currently have available.

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