Which Sirona CBCT Option is Right for You?

You already know that certified pre-owned Sirona CBCT equipment would be an excellent addition to your dental practice. The only problem is that you may not know which of the two main pre-owned models offered by Renew Digital to choose. Below we explore some of the most important features of the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus and the Sirona XG 3D as well as their similarities and differences to help you make the right choice.

Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus

Like all Sirona CBCT equipment, the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus offers dental professionals seamless integration with their practice workflow. The low radiation dose and superior image quality enables you to diagnose, treat, and consult with patients with maximum efficiency. Some other features you can expect from this model of Sirona CBCT include:

  • A large, three-dimensional (3D) field of view that can expand up to 15 x 15
  • Ability to minimize patient dose and area of interest by adjusting to 15 x 12 cm
  • Extremely fast 3D scan protocol that you can complete in 14 seconds or less
  • Provides added accuracy for general dentists, dental specialists, and placement of dental implants
  • Improves the efficiency of workflow with CEREC integration
  • Extracted cephalometric view

Although the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus does not offer a traditional 2D pan, you can extract a panoramic-view X-ray from a 3D scan, if desired.

Sirona XG 3D

This cone beam and panorex X-ray system is exceptionally versatile and flexible. It contains the advanced capabilities of a dedicated 2D panoramic imaging while offering medium field of view cone beam at the same time. Dentists and dental specialists in many fields of practice will appreciate the detail and thoroughness they receive from this Sirona CBCT machine. It is especially suited to pediatric dentists, general dentists, endodontists, implant dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists when they include the ceph feature. The key features of Sirona XG 3D include:

  • Medium 3D field of view measuring between 5.5 cm and 8 x 8 cm
  • Dedicated 2D pan
  • Pedo setting
  • Bitewings available in some units
  • Cephalometric upgradeable or available with a cephalometric attachment
  • CEREC integration
  • TWAIN compatible for 2D images

How the Galileos Comfort Plus and Sirona XG 3D are Alike and Different

The Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus and Sirona XG 3D are alike in several ways. For example, they both:

  • Integrate seamlessly with the CEREC system for same day restorations
  • Feature Sirona-quality cone beam
  • Deliver ease of use and simple patient positioning
  • Includes the robust Sidexis 3D imaging software

The major differences between these Sirona CBCT systems include:

  • You have the ability to add a 2D Ceph to the Sirona XG 3D but not the Galileos Comfort Plus. Cephalometric-type views may be extracted from a Galileos Comfort Plus 3D volume, however.
  • The Sirona XG 3D offers a medium 3D field of view, whereas the Galileos Comfort Plus delivers a large 3D field of view cone beam.
  • The Sirona XG 3D comes equipped with dedicated panoramic functions. Panoramic-type views can be extracted from a Galileos Comfort Plus cone beam scan, however.

Have Additional Questions Before Making a Purchasing Decision?

Our Renew Digital Sales Team is standing by ready to answer your questions about these or any other refurbished dental imaging equipment. Feel free to call us at 1-888-246-5611 with your questions about Sirona CBCT equipment, how to buy, or anything else you need us to clarify for you.

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