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Which Planmeca ProMax X-Ray is Best for Your Practice?


Planmeca ProMax is a brand long associated with premium quality dental imaging. If you are considering adding a certified pre-owned Planmeca ProMax S3 X-ray or cone beam to your dental or dental specialty practice, you can’t go wrong. But, with all of the options out there, it may be difficult to decide on the unit that’s right for you.

Common Features of All Planmeca ProMax S3 X-Ray Machines

Let’s start with listing all of the common, most-loved features of the Planmeca ProMax S3 systems. These attributes help differentiate the ProMax from other leading X-ray systems in its class.

  • SCARA technology
  • Wide range of panoramic options
  • High quality images with adjustable focal trough, enhanced imaging geometry, ACV (automatic cervical vertebrae) and AEC (automatic exposure control) to auto-correct exposures
  • Upgradeable to cephalometric imaging or can be purchased with a ceph attachment
  • 2D units are upgradeable to cone beam
  • Ease of use and simple patient positioning
  • Wheelchair compatible
  • Mac-friendly
  • TWAIN integration for 2D images

Planmeca ProMax S3 with a DIMAX 3 Sensor

This pre-owned 2D unit provides dentists with high-quality ProMax S3 technology equipped with the previous generation sensor. Because it’s built with robust Planmeca hardware, you can expect many years of high-quality images and worry-free use. And you’ll get the latest software, too. The Planmeca ProMax S3 with the DIMAX 3 sensor is the ideal solution for a dental practice that desires the quality images the Planmeca ProMax brand is known for at an economical price.

Planmeca ProMax S3 with a DIMAX 4 Sensor

If you’re looking for a newer pre-owned Planmeca ProMax S3 panoramic X-ray, this current generation model offers high-quality images from the latest DIMAX4 sensor at an affordable price. It is still an economical choice since you can save considerable money over purchasing a brand new ProMax model. If your dental practice desires the latest in imaging technology without having to invest an extra several thousand dollars in new equipment, the Planmeca ProMax S3 with the DIMAX 4 sensor is a good choice for you.

Planmeca ProMax 3D

This current model combination cone beam and panoramic unit gives you adjustable 3D capabilities for a wide variety of exams. Some of these include obtaining 5 x 5 cm cone beam images for focused exams such as third molar extractions, single tooth implants, and multiple endodontic procedures. You can also obtain 8 x 8 cm images to give you a full, dual picture of the jaw for surgical and other diagnostic purposes. By purchasing a pre-owned unit from Renew Digital, you can reduce the impact to your equipment budget. The Planmeca ProMax 3D is ideal for dental practices that desire an affordable medium field of view cone beam option while still enjoying all the benefits of Planmeca 2D.

We Are Happy to Provide Additional Guidance

When reviewing various 2D and 3D models on our website, we encourage you to use the compare side-by-side feature for a quick glance of the similarities and differences between units. We are also available to answer questions about product features, availability, and more at any time. Feel free to contact us to let us know how we can help.

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