Vatech CBCT – Sharing Cone Beam Images

Here at Renew Digital, we get a lot of questions about how offices can share Vatech CBCT images with patients, colleagues, and others. Depending on which device you want to save the files to, there are a few different methods. Here are our recommendations for some of the most common methods.

Export to Hard Drive

The first step is to open the patient chart to access the Vatech CBCT images. Then you have two options:

  1. Select the image, right click, and choose “Export”
  2. Select the image, click the “EzDent-I” logo, and then click “Export”

After you’ve made your selection, a window will pop up with a progress bar. It’s important that you do not close this window while it is processing. Doing so means you will have to restart the process.

Once processed, an Export window will appear prompting you to select where you’d like to save the file: either to a CD/DVD or a Local Disk.

When you select “Local Disk” and click the “Export” button, a window will open where you can navigate to where on your computer you’d like to save the file. Modify the file name, if desired, and click “Save”.

The next time you need to access this file, you can simply open the folder where you’ve saved it.

Burn to CD/DVD

If you have elected to have your Vatech CBCT saved to a CD or DVD, you will follow the directions as described above, but select “CD/DVD” instead of “Local Disk”.

From there, you will choose how you would like to compress the file. Once compressed, the Disk Burner window will appear. If you have not already, now is the time to insert the blank CD or DVD. Click “Burn” to proceed. When complete, you will have a disc ready to hand to your patient.

Including Practice Information

If you would like to include your clinic information with the Vatech CBCT file, there are just a few quick steps to follow before exporting.

First, open the Ez3D-I software. Next, click the “Menu” tab in the upper left corner. Then, click “Settings”. Finally, click on the “Clinic Info” tab, enter your information, and click “OK” when complete.

There is a variety of information you can include about your practice in the “Clinic Info” tab. This includes, the practice name, website URL, phone and fax numbers, physical address, and business logo. If you upload an image of your business logo, it will appear in the bottom left of the Ex3D-I screen and will be used in reports.

Contact Renew Digital

The Vatech CBCT devices for sale from Renew Digital are a very popular choice for many dentists and other dental professionals. Certified pre-owned Vatech CBCT systems deliver high-quality cone beam and dedicated panoramic and/or cephalometric images at a surprisingly affordable price. If you need help exporting images or using your Vatech CBCT machine you’ve already purchased from Renew Digital, reach out to Support at 888-246-5611, option 3. Or, if you’re looking to add a Vatech CBCT to your practice, contact our Sales team at 888-246-5611, option 1 or contact us online. We’re always happy to help.

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