Trust i-CAT Cone Beam for Quality and Reliability

When you invest in i-CAT cone beam technology, you get quality equipment. In fact, the reliability of i-CAT cone beam systems is often unmatched by many other imaging models. Wondering if it's right for you? Here's a closer look at the reasons i-CAT imaging equipment is so high quality and reliable.

Proprietary Tools for High Quality Images

Proprietary tools create consistent, high quality 3D. These features and functions help ensure that you get the quality images you need to treat your patients for implants and restorations, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, and more. These unique treatment tools include the following:

Quantum iQ — This high-quality image processing technology creates clear images of both soft and hard tissues for superior details and maximum contrast.

Quick Scan — This feature speeds up your scanning time to less than five seconds, enhancing efficiency and minimizing patient dose.

Tru-Pan — Eliminate the need to scan patients twice to capture panoramic X-rays. Create high quality 2D panoramic views from 3D scans quickly with this patented feature.

i-Pan — If you only need a 2D panoramic images, i-CAT cone beam equipment can create traditional 2D panoramic images without the need to capture a 3D scan, thanks to its innovative patented i-Pan feature.

i-Collimator — This feature reduces radiation dose by scanning only the prescribed areas.

Ergonomic Stability System — Committed to quality in every aspect of the design, the i-CAT cone beam equipment is designed with adjustable, comfortable seating and a sturdy head stability system to minimize patient movement and risk of re-takes.

Flexibility With Reliability

When you use i-CAT cone beam technology, you can determine the field of view required based on your diagnostic and treatment requirements. Whether you want to focus on a small area or capture a larger scan, this equipment lets you choose, and then, it reliably gives you what you want. You can also preset the common fields of view that you use most often and then select them quickly and easily as needed.

Quality Workmanship

i-CAT cone beam systems are proudly made in the USA with quality materials and workmanship. Years of research and development, backed by world-class imaging expertise, have culminated in unparalleled reliability and image quality. Confidently and accurately diagnose and treat your patients with i-CAT cone beam technology to perfectly analyze bone structures before placing implants, create well-defined surgical treatment plans for third molar extraction and other oral surgeries, or perform a wide range of orthodontic treatments.

Quality Support and Training

Certified pre-owned i-CAT cone beam systems from Renew Digital are backed by high quality installation, training, and support. First, your i-CAT cone beam is installed by knowledgeable technicians with decades of i-CAT imaging experience. Once installed, the technician trains you and your staff on how to use the equipment and software to capture the very best diagnostic images each and every time. After installation, our full team of Renew Digital support technicians is available to help answer any questions or assist in any way. If you ever need onsite service, Renew Digital support can dispatch one of our technicians to get your system up and running quickly.

When you invest in i-CAT cone beam technology, you get the equipment you need to create reliable, high quality images for your patients, and if you want to ensure optimal treatment results, you need to invest in high quality equipment. To learn more or to put in an order, contact us directly. At Renew Digital, we are committed to finding the best equipment for our customers.

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