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Sirona 3D Options from Renew Digital


Renew Digital offers a wide range of certified pre-owned Sirona 3D options. Certified pre-owned means you’re getting “like new” quality, worry-free imaging, and low pricing, all backed by Renew Digital’s superior customer support team. Take a look at some of our typical offerings in this range.

Sirona XG 3D

The Sirona XG 3D combines panoramic images and cone beam images with a medium field of view (up to 8x8 cm), and can support nearly any panoramic application including pediatric, TMJ, sinus, and more. Automatic patient positioning in panoramic images provides anatomically correct and accurate scans. Ask about optional advanced 2D imaging capabilities such as extraoral bitewings or cephalometric capabilities.

With Sirona XG 3D, you can also capture high quality 3D images in standard or high definition mode of 100 µm for extra precision. There is a smaller 5x5 cm 3D FOV for focused field of view exams such as single implants and endodontics, and a medium 8x8 cm 3D FOV that captures both the maxilla and mandible for full arch applications.

Your 2D images can easily integrate into current practice management and imaging software with the TWAIN interface. The Sirona XG3D can also integrate with CEREC systems allowing for streamlined patient care.

Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus

If your practice needs require a larger field of view, consider the Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus. It has a large 15x15 cm craniofacial view that may be a good choice for your practice. With this unit, the 3D imaging collimates from 15x12 cm up to 15x15 cm. The 3D views include: ceph lateral, ceph PA/AP, pan with 3D slice navigation, TSA, axial, sagittal, coronal, 3D model, implant alignment, one-click op reports, and high-detail close up.

It includes multiple scan times and resolution values. This helps minimize image exposure while maximizing quality. The optional HD mode allows for high-resolution 3D images. A FastScan protocol can capture an entire image in 14 seconds. You’ll see improved efficiency and workflow with minimal patient movement. The FaceScanner option can superimpose facial images on the bony structures. This means you’ll see better patient communication and treatment acceptance. It also integrates with CEREC systems for streamlined patient care.

Sirona XG 3D Ready or Sirona XG 3D Plus

If you’re not ready for Sirona 3D yet, no worries. Consider Sirona 3D upgradeable systems instead.

The Sirona XG 3D Ready and Sirona XG Plus panoramic systems feature the widest range of panoramic dental X-ray programs including standard, pediatric, sinus, TMJ, thick layer anterior, multi-slice posterior, and optional bitewing views. Both units also include a pediatric mode for reduced radiation for children. Since they are TWAIN compatible, these 2D images can be integrated into just about any dental practice management or imaging software. And, both options can be purchased with, or later upgraded to, cephalometric capabilities, too.

The best part is, Sirona XG 3D Ready and Sirona XG Plus can be upgraded to 3D 8x8 cm FOV imaging at any time. Simply contact the manufacturer or your local Sirona dealer for details.

Contact Renew Digital Today!

To see which units we have available that will suit your practice needs, please contact us online or give us a call toll-free at 1-844-220-5771. Our sales team is happy to discuss your specific practice’s needs and find the best Sirona 3D or 3D upgradeable unit for you at the best possible price.

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