i-CAT X-Ray Features the Latest Cone Beam Imaging Technology

The i-CAT brand has long been an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of dental radiography products. In addition, Imaging Sciences, the manufacturer of i-CAT products, is internationally recognized as one of the most innovative dental imaging companies. Further, i-CAT cone beam systems and treatment-planning software have and continue to revolutionize 3D radiography (imaging). To put it simply, when you buy i-CAT X-ray technology, you can rest assured that you're getting quality and innovation.

The Superiority of 3D Imaging

When you have as much information as possible on your patient's mouth, teeth, and bone structures, you're better prepared to diagnose and plan treatments. With 3D imaging, you capture more information than the two-dimensional panoramic images ever could. Combining high-quality images, low-dose radiation options, and excellent treatment-planning software, i-CAT X-ray provides for the best in patient care.

Low-Dose Options

The i-CAT’s QuickScan and QuickScan+ protocols allow complete 3D imaging at a radiation dose similar to that of 2D panoramic images. You can also scale the scan size to further limit the radiation dose that patients receive.

Benefits of i-Cat X-ray Equipment

There are many reasons to choose i-CAT X-ray equipment including the following:

Award-winning i-CAT technology

The company uses customer feedback to ensure it's always improving

i-CAT’s X-ray technology continues to find ways to reduce radiation exposure to patients while retaining high-quality diagnostic images

i-CAT is always striving to provide the best possible quality at an affordable price

i-CAT Next Generation

The dynamic i-CAT Next Generation cone beam system offers a wide range of field of view options and sizes. These sizes include the option to scale or collimate the scan height to capture only the areas of interest required – from 4 x 17 cm up to an extended field of view size up to 23 x 17 cm. I-CAT Next Generation is the ideal choice for practices requiring flexibility, such as multi-specialty practices, with the option of an extended 3D field of view required for orthodontics. The equipment also provides enhanced, low-dose fast-scan imaging options and dedicated 2D panoramic capabilities as well as the feature-rich Tx STUDIO software.


Tx STUDO software, powered by Anatomage, provides a wide array of tools to help you plan efficiently when dealing with anything from simple to advanced cases. Tx STUDIO is an essential part of the fast i-CAT workflow. From implant planning to surgical guides, Tx STUDIO is already a leader in feature-rich treatment planning software. With its integrated third-party planning programs and other optional modules, it provides the power of multiple software systems combined into one easy-to-use solution. The treatment plans created can be shared with patients and colleagues easily, using incredible 3D images.

Imaging Sciences, with its flagship i-CAT cone beam systems, has been serving the dental industry since 1992 and is the global leader in development and manufacturing of award-winning advanced dental and X-ray products. I-CAT is a company of innovation, quality, education, and service. Renew Digital is proud to offer and support certified pre-owned i-CAT cone beam systems as part of its extensive cone beam portfolio. To learn more, contact us at Renew Digital today.

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