i-CAT CBCT is Highly Versatile for All Your Dental Imaging Needs

In terms of versatility, the i-CAT CBCT supports a wide range of dental applications. Whether your specialty is orthodontics, dental implants, airway studies, or a variety of other types of dentistry, this equipment is perfect for your needs. It is also exceptionally ideal in multi-specialty clinics that focus on a wide range of treatments.

Flexible Output

With the i-CAT CBCT, you can capture both CBCT images in multiple resolutions and scan times as well as acquire low-dose 2D panoramic images. If you need the intense contrast of a high quality 3D scan, then you can opt for the higher resolution setting. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the system’s fast-span protocol, enabling you to capture diagnostic cone beam images in 4.8 seconds, increasing practice efficiency and minimizing radiation dose. Plus, with a click of a mouse, you can transform the i-CAT CBCT system into a low-dose 2D panoramic unit, capturing high-quality panoramic images in seconds.

Flexible 3D Imaging

i-CAT CBCT delivers a wide variety of cone beam sizes for specialized diagnostic and treatment needs with its fully adjustable 3D field of view, limiting radiation exposure to the area of interest. For example, you can acquire a single arch for placing implants, capture both jaws for TMJ or oral surgery, focus on the sinus and airway for sleep studies, or capture the entire cranium for orthodontics.

In addition to letting you focus on a variety of different craniofacial structures, i-CAT CBCT equipment also lets you capture views of both soft and hard tissues and bone structures. The high image quality and precise attention to detail allows you diagnose and treat your patients faster and more easily than ever before, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your patients.

Multiple Fields of View

You can also use this imaging equipment to capture variety of different fields of view. I-CAT CBCT captures circumferences of 16 centimeters and a variety of different heights such as 6 cm which captures the lower jaw, 8 cm which gives you the base of the nasal area as well as the jaw, or even 10 cm which gives you even more of the patient's face. Alternatively, you can focus in on a tight 8 cm by 8 cm field of view, or you can acquire an extended field with a 23 cm by 17 cm view. The intuitive controls make these specifications easy.

Flexibility for Patients

In addition to offering you a variety of flexible imaging options, the i-CAT CBCT is also flexible for your patients. The innovative chair design features a comfortable head support, and a safe place to sit, reducing the risk of patient movement and image retakes. The chair can also be removed for patients in wheelchairs or patients with special needs.

If you choose the i-CAT CBCT, you also receive great advantages such as installation, a warranty, and training and support. To learn more about the benefits of this equipment, contact us directly. At Renew Digital, we are committed to helping you find the best re-certified pre-owned imaging equipment at prices that work for your practice.

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