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Go Green with Used Dental Equipment


Whether you're a new dentist just starting out or an established professional trying to grow your practice, you need the right equipment for diagnosing your patients, guiding their treatment, and creating quality images. In a lot of cases, buying new equipment can be cost prohibitive or it can prevent you from investing money in other places. To save on funds, consider the benefits of used dental equipment. Certified pre-owned dental equipment can help you provide your patients with the quality of care they deserve, but it can also help your practice to be more green. Here are just a couple of the reasons used equipment is the greenest option.

Eliminating Waste to Landfills

Recycling or refurbishing large equipment is an extremely effective way to go green. It saves money, but even more importantly, it protects the environment because it reduces the number of useful items that are thrown into a landfill. Disposing of large used dental equipment can be costly and time consuming.

In most cases, when disposing of equipment, you also need to work with a recycling company to ensure that you don't put in heavy metals into the landfills. Everything from X-ray equipment to LED screens contains elements, such as lead, that can leach into the water supply if they are put into landfills. However, when this equipment is sold to a company that can refurbish it and find it a new home, it prevents the items from going to the landfill and in turn, helps to protect the environment.

Reducing the Manufacturing Burden

However, saving items from landfills is just the beginning. When you buy used dental equipment, you also minimize the environmental impact associated with producing new equipment. Depending on the type of dental equipment involved, the process may involve mining of metals or other elements, it may produce gases, and it may stress the environment in other ways. When you invest in certified pre-owned dental equipment, you reduce the rate at which this is happening. At the same time, you also save your dental clinic some money.

Going Green With Renew Digital

To help your dental clinic be as green as possible, we work hard to make it easy to buy used dental equipment. You can buy a variety of dental X-rays and other imaging equipment from our website. If you have old equipment that you don't use anymore, you can trade it in to save on your purchase, and you can even sell us old equipment regardless of whether or not you plan to purchase from us.

When you choose Renew Digital, you can rest assured that all equipment has been thoroughly cleaned, sterilized, and certified to meet manufacturer's specifications. To meet critical health care standards, all used dental equipment is inspected for safety and checked for mechanical defects that could impact use and make repairs necessary. To put your mind at ease, we also offer a warranty with all our products. To learn more about the benefits of used dental equipment, contact us today.

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