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Carestream Dental X-Ray Equipment is the Perfect Solution to Your Practice


Carestream Dental is known the world over for its high-quality, easy to use, reliable and affordable dental X-ray machines. No matter which Carestream Dental panoramic or cone beam equipmentyou choose, it will be sure to help to improve patient care, enhance practice safety, and increase workflow efficiency. Now, certified pre-owned dental X-ray machines from Renew Digital can help make owning a Carestream Dental system more affordable than ever.

Patient Benefits of Carestream Dental Equipment

Carestream Dental panoramic and cone beam X-ray machines were designed with patient comfort in mind. Patients face the operator during image programming and acquisition, putting them at ease and reducing stress for patients and staff members alike. The ear stabilizers and bite sticks are also ergonomically designed for comfort while keeping patients still and in position, minimizing patient movement and risk of retakes. Carestream Dental equipment was designed for patients to stand or be seated, ideal for patients in wheelchairs.

The included CS imaging software helps you organize and manage your patient images. The images are easy to share with referrals and others, making your patient’s treatment as efficient as possible. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, CS imaging software is easy to navigate, often requiring fewer clicks and keystrokes than other leading dental imaging software.

With more patients concerned about radiation exposure than ever, you can obtain the highest quality of images with Carestream Dental equipment while using the lowest possible dose. Simply select the correct patient parameters for patient size and the X-ray will do the rest. Carestream Dental X-rays even feature a convenient pediatric mode, further minimizing radiation dose for children.

Carestream Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental X-ray equipment for just about any dental specialty. Take a look at just a few examples of the certified pre-owned Carestream Dental dental X-ray machines available from Renew Digital.

Perfect Options for General Dentists

If you’re a general dentist in need of a standard panoramic X-rays, you may want to consider the Carestream CS 8100or Kodak 9000dental X-ray machines. Both options deliver high-quality panoramic standard, pediatric, TMJ and sinus views. The current model CS 8100 system also offers panoramic bitewing x-rays for enhanced diagnoses. Like all refurbished Carestream Dental x-rays, all panoramic systems come complete with CS Imaging software.

Improved Accuracy for Endodontists

If you’re an endodontist, you may want to consider a Kodak 9000 3D systemfrom Carestream Dental. Featuring a focused 3D field of view (5 x 3.75 cm), high resolution (0.076 mm) images, and built-in dedicated 2D panoramic x-ray functionality, the Kodak 9000 3D dental x-ray machine delivers the detail and precision endodontists need at an economical price.

Place Dental Implants with Precision

You can’t afford to make an error when placing dental implants. Refurbished dental equipment from Renew Digital makes CBCT systems even more affordable than ever before. Starting at under $30,000, the Kodak 9000 3Dis a good entry point into 3D imaging with its focused field of view scan for single implants. If you’re looking for a medium field of view scan – ideal for full arch 3D images, then you may want to take a look at the CS 9300 Selector CS 8100 3Dcone beam systems. The included CS 3D Imaging software allows you to see the patient’s anatomy from many different angles for more efficient and accurate implant placement. Trace nerves, measure bone and view anatomic relationships to plan implant procedures from placement to crowns, ensuring more predictable and positive treatment outcomes.

Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have unique clinical needs. Refurbished cone beam systems from Renew include medium field of view options such as the CS 9300 Selector CS 8100 3Dcone beam systems, enabling you to capture one or both jaws in a single scan. Or, you may consider the CS 9300 Premium cone beam system, featuring a large field of view scan to capture a full craniofacial view. Regardless of the dental X-ray machine you choose, all CBCT systems from Carestream Dental include dedicated panoramic functions when only 2D images are required. With powerful Carestream Dental cone beam images combined with the user-friendly CS 3D imaging software, you can easily spot periapical legions and cysts, impacted teeth, and other anatomical anomalies. This intuitive software also allows you to see the outcome of various treatment methods in 3D on your computer screen before you actually complete patient treatment, enhancing patient communication and increasing patient acceptance.

Obtain Accurate Orthodontic Images

Renew Digital is proud to offer several certified pre-owned Caresteam Dental dental X-ray machines for orthodontists. Featuring the innovative “One-Shot” technology that captures a full cephalometric image in just over a second plus fully dedicated 2D panoramic images, Carestream panoramic and cephalometric systems deliver the highest quality images at the most cost-effective prices in the industry. If you’re looking for 2D pan-ceph systems only, consider the feature-rich, yet affordable Kodak 8000C, Kodak 9000Cor CS 8100 panorex plus cephalometric systems. If you’re ready to “take the plunge” into dental 3D imaging, however, you may want to consider the all-in-one CS 9300 Premiumpanorex + cephalometric + cone beam system capturing large field of view cone beam.

Ready to Learn More or Make a Purchase?

Renew Digital is pleased to offer a wide range of refurbished Carestream Dental X-Ray equipment for dentists and dental specialists to satisfy just about any clinical need. And, because all systems include installation, training and a comprehensive warranty, Renew Digital takes care of all of the details so you can take care of your patients. Contact us today to learn more.

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