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Implant Workflow Using Planmeca CBCT

Certified pre-owned Planmeca CBCT machines are a very popular and affordable choice for dentists and dental specialists wishing to place dental implants. That said, Renew Digital gets a lot of quest … read more

Vatech CBCT – Sharing Cone Beam Images

Here at Renew Digital, we get a lot of questions about how offices can share Vatech CBCT images with patients, colleagues, and others. Depending on which device you want to save the files to … read more

Disinfecting Your Dental X-Ray Machine

Renew Digital often gets questions from our customers about how to properly clean and disinfect their pan-ceph or cone beam dental X-ray machine. Many disinfectants can yellow or damage surfaces and … read more

Who Buys Used Dental Equipment for Sale?

Used dental equipment seems to be everywhere these days. Several used dental equipment dealers have crept up in the past 5-10 years and it’s hard to keep them all straight. Many of these dealers adv … read more

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