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5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Digital Dental X-Ray Machine


Are you one of the remaining practices still using a film dental X-ray? If so, it’s time to upgrade to a digital model. Perhaps you’ve been hesitant to do so because of the high cost that this upgrade might involve. But there are many reasons why you should make this move, and for most dental clinics, the decision definitely pays off in the long run. Here are the top reasons you should invest in digital dental X-ray equipment.

Saves Time

Analog film X-rays take more time than digital ones. There are many steps involved with developing film X-rays, and on average, it takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to develop these X-rays. If you add that up over the course of your day, you might end up spending as much as two hours just waiting for X-rays. In contrast, if you had a digital X-ray machine, images are delivered immediately. That means you could see more patients every day. When you add up the potential profits from seeing that many more patients each year, you may find that a digital dental X-ray machine is the best fit for you and your bottom line.

More Accurate Diagnosis

Digital equipment also helps you diagnose your patients more accurately. The old analog X-ray machines served their purpose for a long time, but digital technology has not only improved the image quality and resolution, but also provides dental professionals with image management tools not available with film imaging. With a digital dental X-ray machine, you can more accurately see and diagnose your patients’ dental problems without having to take multiple different X-rays and then wait for them to be developed.


Digital dental X-ray machines are safer for your staff and patients. Digital dental X-ray systems use less radiation and may cut down on the scans needed to get a good image. As a result, your patients and staff are exposed to less radiation, making the entire process much more pleasant for everyone involved.

Shorter Wait Times Equal Happy Patients

With a digital dental X-ray machine, you can instantly see results. If you need additional images, you can do more scans without having to prepare your patients again. This can significantly decrease the amount of time your patient is waiting in the chair and make the entire experience less stressful. When the entire process is more streamlined and efficient, it leads to happier patients.

Decreases Negative Impact on the Environment

Analog dental X-ray machines require lots of harmful chemicals to develop the film. Buying a new digital dental X-ray machine means that you don't have to keep purchasing these chemicals, and you also don't have to worry about the cost and hassle of disposing of those chemicals. These savings can help you pay off the new machine, but perhaps more importantly, they will improve your impact on the environment. Plus, you can use your darkroom for more valuable exam or storage space!

Don’t be one of the last ones left behind. Why not take advantage of this time-saving technology that will help you treat and diagnose your patients with more confidence and in less time? Make your practice even more successful with a digital dental X-ray machine. When you order from Renew Digital, you can get certified pre-owned equipment at significant savings, all backed by expert service and support. To learn more about our products, contact us today. 

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