4 Reasons to Use Panorex X-rays for Bitewings

4 Reasons to Use Panorex X-rays for Bitewings

As the most common type of dental X-ray, the bitewing provides significant information for dentists to diagnose common dental conditions and aid in customized treatment planning for each patient. Besides showing clear images of the teeth and roots, a bitewing X-ray also shows occlusal positioning. Performing bitewing X-rays typically involves taking up to four images with a digital sensor or dental film to isolate certain areas. With the extraoral bitewing feature common in modern panorex X-ray systems, these concerns are a thing of the past.

How Your Patients Benefit from Extraoral Bitewings

Visiting the dentist and enduring a series of uncomfortable intraoral X-ray exams can be stressful for many patients, especially those with sensitivity to gagging, have small mouths, or are intolerant of sensors or films. Patients are far more willing to comply with the X-ray process when it’s more comfortable for them. Here are just a few ways in which your patients can benefit from extraoral bitewing X-rays.

  • Better patient comfort: When capturing extraoral bitewings using a panoramic X-ray, there is no longer a need to place a sensor or dental film in the patient’s mouth, eliminating the discomfort and gag reflex caused by traditional intraoral bitewing protocols.
  • Easier patient positioning: Patients can easily stand or sit during panoramic X-ray exams, typically facing the operator, reducing risk of patient movement and providing a more comfortable X-ray experience.
  • Faster appointments: Since panoramic bitewings take just one step, patients don’t have to sit through several steps of positioning and repositioning to capture each intraoral shot.
  • Reduced radiation exposure: Studies have shown that extraoral bitewings may reduce radiation dose up to 40% compared to traditional intraoral bitewing exams. In addition, panoramic bitewings captured in pediatric mode may further reduce dose up to 30% over adult extraoral bitewings.

How Your Dental Practice Benefits from Extraoral Bitewings

Not only do your patients benefit from taking bitewings using the panoramic X-ray, but they can help streamline your practice workflow, as well. Some other time-saving benefits to consider when capturing bitewings with a panorex X-ray machine include:

  • Greater efficiency: Panoramic bitewings are more efficient as they require fewer steps than traditional intraoral bitewing X-rays. Simply capture one panoramic exam instead of up to four separate intraoral bitewing X-ray exposures. And, you can capture a standard panoramic image and bitewings at the same time, further enhancing practice productivity.
  • Easier for the dental team: Panoramic X-ray machines that offer the bitewing feature allow dentists and assistants to simply adjust the panoramic positioning light, rather than manipulating a sensor or film in a positioner, to open up the contacts between the posterior teeth. With the panoramic X-ray method, the operator no longer has to repeat this process over and over for subsequent bitewing exposures.
  • Improved diagnoses: Research has found, that in some cases, more posterior caries could be found in panoramic bitewing X-rays than in traditional intraoral bitewings. Further, panoramic images provide a larger view of the dental anatomy, facilitating the diagnoses of periodontal bone defects, periapical lesions and other jaw anomalies as compared to intraoral bitewings.
  • Reduced need for infection control: Traditional bitewing X-rays require wrapping, unwrapping, and disinfecting sensors, films, tube heads, and positioners after each patient. Disinfection is also necessary for the countertop, the machine and its parts. The ease of using the panorex X-ray machine to capture bitewings eliminates these requirements.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Perhaps you have wanted to upgrade to a newer panorex X-ray system featuring extraoral bitewings for but were holding back due to cost. Working with Renew Digital to purchase a certified pre-owned unit can save you thousands of dollars while also enabling you to improve service to patients. Renew Digital offers the following panoramic X-ray brands that capture extraoral bitewings:

Features can vary from one model to the next. If you’re interested in extraoral bitewing capability with any of these models, we encourage you to contact your sales representative to inquire about availability.

To learn more about our panoramic X-ray options, place an order, or discuss financing options, please contact Renew Digital at your earliest convenience.

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